Activities are many and varied in both Lister and Sherrington House. We arrange client meetings once a month to discuss all aspects of life within both homes and their input is always valued and taken into account. Therefore the entertainment changes regularly.

Regular outings covering many interests are also arranged and family members and friends are always welcome; as they are on all of our activities. The more the merrier!

Our group activities normally include:

  • Visiting representatives from local churches

  • Bingo

  • Quiz Time

  • Reminiscence Hour – a trip down memory lane

  • Videos

  • Music - various entertainers covering all tastes

  • TV

  • Radio

  • Dominoes

  • Donkey Visits

  • Various large board games

  • Panto

Our individual activities normally include:

  • Crafts Hour – knitting, crochet, sewing etc

  • Large print word searches

  • Crosswords and mazes

  • National and local newspapers and large print library books

  • Audio books

  • Relaxing outside in the garden and/or courtyard

For momentous occasions throughout the year such as birthdays, Christmas, Royal Celebrations and major sporting events, we always arrange something special and memorable for our clients.

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Lister House & Sherrington House Nursing Homes

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Sherrington Payphone: 01274 545759

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Sherrington Nurse Office Fax: 01274 547693

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